Listen… do you hear the people using your website?

Do you know what aspects work best for them? Do you know what parts make them leave?
If you think you know, would you bet your paycheck, job, or entire company on it?  That is what is on the line when you make assumptions about your website visitors. Our services give you certainty on what people say about your site and what will work best. Get started with a completely free analysis and personal call about your website.

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Get assistance from Voice of Visitor to learn from and your visitors and improve your business

Consulting dozens of clients over the past 7 years has lead Voice of Visitor Founder, Ron Patiro to one clear conclusion – companies that listen to and understand the people interacting with their business are more likely to succeed and out-compete other businesses.

Voice of Visitor offers two main services:

1. Basic assistance with managing your surveys and delivering you the data. We can do this at a lower cost than you can on your own, and you will know it is going to be done in a way that is focused around actionable insight to improve your business.

2. Leadership in taking action on the Voice of Visitor data collected. You will get all the attention from Voice of Visitor Founder, Ron Patiro and his 7 years of conversion optimization experience with the leading agencies in the industry. All the surveys will be handled analyzed and a plan of action will be created. Voice of Visitor will help manage your team to make sure the proper tests are run to measure the changes recommended to your site. This will be done with a testing suite that can handle A/B and multivariate testing.

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We also provide startup guidance

Are you a startup developing and testing your business model? Have you read the Lean Startup?  If not, you are 99% likely to be wasting time and putting your business at risk. Our services are crucial for startup success. We can train you on how to test and validate your visitors with usability testing. This is a skill you must institutionalize in your company or risk failure. Contact us to learn more and have a chat.

Get a complimentary conversion analysis with no risk or commitment.

Voice of Visitor Founder and 7 year veteran of conversion optimization, Ron Patiro, is providing a completely free conversion analysis for any business with a conversion rate below 100%. You can check out his work experience if you are interested, or get started with your free analysis now.

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Here is what Jared Spool, who has been working in this field since 1978 has to say about usability testing

“Usability testing is a serious investment of time and resources for any team. Having a clear understanding of what you want to get from it is critical to its success.

The most successful teams constantly monitor the decisions that come out of the testing process. They look at subsequent usability problems that appear and ask, “How did our process miss this? What should we change for next time?”

Only with the constant process of honing our skills and improving our processes can we ensure that we’re getting the best value from this priceless technique.”