Internet Users Wanted

We are creating opportunities for you to benefit from sharing your opinion. We are not talking about “free iPods” that you will never win. We are reserving a portion of our business to be owned collectively by anyone who does a usability test, or completes a survey.

We mean business and are putting our money where our mouth is.

Whether you have done a survey or test with us or not, please leave your name and email to join our beta ownership list. We are working on getting this implemented soon and are structuring it so our member-owners have no liability risk for the company, but will have the right to benefit from your actions with us. We look forward to prospering together.

Just to be clear you are not an owner yet, and this is just a list to get more info for when the opportunity becomes available. We are aiming to make it free to join. Please tell us your name and email and we will be happy to keep you up to date.