What Web Analytics Will Never Tell You

by AdminVOV on November 22, 2012

Your web analytics may be selling you short… How do you tell if this is the case? Well it all depends on your expectations.

* If you expect to learn WHY people are not converting on your website – you are being sold short.
* If you expect to learn WHERE people are leaving your website – your expectations are on target.

The biggest issue I have seen in my years of working with websites is that people thing analytics will tell them WHY something is not working and WHAT to do about it. This is tragically wrong. I also spent endless hours looking for WHY and WHAT to do in analytics. It took literally years of work and lots of error to realize that the best indicator of what to change on a website is not going to be found in analytics.

One great example – you can find the top exit pages on your site in analytics, but you can’t understand WHY people exit these pages. Until you speak with people using the site you are making assumptions with little evidence.

Exit Page Analytics Report

Exit Page Report – Great at pointing out which pages to focus on, but terrible at telling you what to change.

To learn what you need to change you have to ask people who are using it. This is how you do it:

* Post a survey on the page

* Perform usability test

Based on the voice of visitor data you collect, you can come up with a much more sound hypothesis on what to test on the page.

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