About Us

Voice of Visitor is under the direction of Ron Patiro who has worked in conversion optimization since 2006. From Futurenow to Conversion Rate Experts he has stayed on top of the best practices on how to make websites more profitable.  After years of experience and discovering which tactics work best it became clear that listening to visitors is key to making HUGE gains in a website’s profitability. View Ron Patiro’s resume.

Best practices, personas, countless tools and apps have all provided some improvement in conversion rate, but the one area that consistently provides the biggest wins listening to the voice of visitor input via surveys and usability tests.

It also became clear while working on clients’ sites doing conversion optimization that all usability tests are not created equal. The closer to an actual visitor the better the input, and nothing comes closer than what is set up at voiceofvisitor.com because we have ownership reserved for people who conduct tests and complete surveys.

All our beta owners
We share ownership in this company with all the people who complete surveys and do usability tests. Sounds crazy? We don’t think so, because sharing ownership is in our DNA. We are working to create a company that does more than just usability testing in the future.

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